Welcome to the Asia Pacific Schools (APS) – an integral development within the APIIT Education Group (APIIT).

Established in 1993 as the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, APIIT developed an enviable reputation for more than a decade as Malaysia’s premier Higher Education Institution for Technology education and training, before achieving University College status in 2004, resulting in the formation of the Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI). UCTI swiftly developed into one of Malaysia’s leading International Universities for Technology, Business and Engineering, which has itself evolved into what is now known as the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), with its recent attainment of full University status.

APIIT, UCTI and now APU have all shared a common philosophy of transforming young school leavers into qualified, employable professionals, and this is reflected in the consistently high employment rates of its more than 18,000 graduates.

APIIT Education Group embarked into lower tertiary education with a focus on developing young minds which started with the establishment of the APIIT Smart School in 2006 and in August 2012, was renamed to Asia Pacific Smart School (APSS). In September 2012, the Group’s involvement in the Schools sector was reaffirmed with the launching of Asia Pacific International School (APIS).

At APSS, we firmly believe that success truly begins with the best education. This certainly starts with the curriculum itself – in APSS, we offer the National Curriculum, and whilst preparing students to sit for the major public examinations (UPSR and SPM), APSS goes beyond the Curriculum and academic excellence to provide a holistic nurturing environment for the students. Our programme is augmented with a broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With a strong emphasis on technology as an enabler to support learning, APSS will adopt and continuously enhance educational practices to nurture our students and bring out their analytical and innovative thinking capabilities.

In achieving the above, the APSS will provide a stimulating environment that allows our students to enjoy the learning experience and excel in their studies. The facilities available at APSS will strongly complement students’ potential where talents are unlocked and accelerated in academia, in the liberal arts, in the sciences, technology and sports. This great balance between academic and other aspects of education would ultimately provide the student with a comprehensive and holistic nurturing process.

Our teachers are qualified and experienced. They are carefully selected so as to ensure the delivery of the Curriculum, while at the same time motivate and encourage students through interactive teaching and provide impetus for building students’ confidence in a conducive atmosphere.

APSS also prides itself in providing a warm and friendly learning environment an environment that promotes camaraderie between students and teachers which personifies the ‘one big family’ culture.

We truly believe that all these ingredients, coupled with the best international curriculum, will help unlock your child’s true potential and shape them into well-rounded members of society, equipped with the relevant knowledge, competencies, skills and attitude to successfully contribute in a global community.