Health, Safety & Security

At APSS, we place high priority on the safety and security of our students. We are one of the few schools which allow parents or guardians with the valid car stickers to drive into the compound of the School to drop their children at the designated areas. Nevertheless, there are strict rules to this and we continuously engage with parents for their support in implementing initiatives to further enhance security and safety.

APSS students are supplied with an access card, which needs to be tapped into the system the moment they enter the School doors. This then relays text messages to the parents who have registered their phone numbers with us that their children have arrived in School.

We also stress to parents that for safety and security reasons, APSS must be notified in advance of any changes in the child’s travelling arrangements.

Latecomers into the School are required to sign an acknowledgement slip at the Principal’s office prior to entry into class.

There are several school transport operators who operate the service for students at APSS. Nevertheless, this arrangement is strictly between the parent and the transport provider, where APSS is only a facilitator.

APSS implements a 24-hour monitoring system through its security personnel, and the facilities are closed after 6pm.